2018 Animal Champion Award

Advancing Law for Animals is pleased to announce our 2018 Animal Champions, Farm Sanctuary and Charlie's Acres!

Last year, a judge ordered a slaughterhouse to pay our attorneys' fees in connection with First Amendment litigation. We knew we were in a unique position, so we made an usual request: we asked to be paid in cows instead of cash.

When we turned a court order into a rescue mission, we knew we couldn't do it alone. We began negotiations on a leap of faith that a loving home would fall into place for the cows we spared--and we were right! Farm Sanctuary saved more than the day when it partnered with us to rescue Amelia, Frida, Juno, and Jade.

Watch the video below to see just what happened at the slaughterhouse!

Farm Sanctuary's generosity made our very first rescue possible. Amelia, Frida, Juno, and Jade are forever in our hearts--and thanks to Farm Sanctuary, they are in their forever homes! Amelia and Frida are now loving herd life at Farm Sanctuary’s 271-acre New York shelter. Juno and Jade are enjoying California weather in beautiful Sonoma, where they live happily at Charlie's Acres.

We are so thankful for Farm Sanctuary and Charlie's Acres, and proud to call them our 2018 Animal Champions!