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ALA Establishes Right to Provide Water to Pigs Awaiting Slaughter

Advancing Law for Animals successfully defended Los Angeles Pig Save activists after police pressed charges in connection with vigils held outside a Farmer John slaughterhouse.

Known for supplying “Dodger Dogs” to Dodger’s Stadium, the Los Angeles facility kills 7,400 pigs each day. As pigs arrived to the facility—distressed and suffering from thirst—activists provided them water through the perforated sides of the transportation truck and filmed their condition for social media.

At trial, Advancing Law for Animals obtained dismissal of all charges in connection with these peaceful vigils.

In response to this favorable verdict, Vernon police and activists reached agreement, allowing activists at future protests to symbolically block (for three minutes) trucks carrying pigs to slaughter, while other activists provide water and film. As a result of our work, vigils continue uninterrupted at this Farmer John location.

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Absolutely incredible- thank you for protecting the advocacy to allow for a brief and critical reprieve in the final moments of life for these precious beings.

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