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Victory! Slaughterhouse Rescue! 🐄🐄🐄🐄

After a cow slaughterhouse operating in Los Angeles was ordered to pay Advancing Law for Animals attorneys’ fees in connection with First Amendment litigation, Advancing Law for Animals requested to be given its portion in cows in lieu of cash. While the slaughterhouse initially agreed to pay Advancing Law for Animals' portion of the judgment in cows, it later rescinded. As a result, Advancing Law for Animals successfully defaulted the slaughterhouse—freezing its accounts pending its rights as a judgment debtor to dispute the levy. With this leverage, Advancing Law for Animals secured the release of four dairy cows, who were otherwise hours away from death. Thanks to our incredible partnership with Farm Sanctuary, these four cows—lovingly named Amelia, Frida, Juno, and Jade—now live safely and happily.


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