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4-H Lamb Rescued from Inside Slaughterhouse

Advancing Law for Animals obtained an emergency court order preventing the slaughter of Cotton, a lamb raised by a young boy and his family as part of a 4-H agricultural program. Under the guise of youth development, children raise and bond with an animal, only to eventually auction the animal off for slaughter. As the date of Cotton’s death approached, the boy contacted award-winning songwriter Diane Warren, who runs a private animal sanctuary in Southern California.

Warren offered to purchase Cotton privately, and nearly did, but the boy was pressured to keep Cotton in the terminal auction. Undeterred, Warren outbid the butchers at the terminal auction. But once Warren won, the fair refused to release Cotton, and instead shipped him to a slaughterhouse. With less than a day of notice, Advancing Law for Animals appeared before the court on an emergency basis to secure Cotton’s safety. Cotton now lives safely and happily on a private sanctuary.


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