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California v. Cedar the Goat

As reported by CNN, Fox News, the Washington Post, and many more, we're suing Shasta County California Sheriff's Department, several deputies, and California fair officials for breaking the law to hunt down a little girl's beloved goat Cedar--and send him to slaughter. The heart of this case is government gone rogue, and in its latest move, the government doubled down. Because now, the State of California is suing Cedar's family.

That's right. The California Attorney General filed a countersuit against our client, seeking recovery of the government's own costs and fees in this civil rights litigation because of some boilerplate language (an indemnification clause) in the kids club entry form.

But that's nonsense.The government can't casually contract away its constitutional duties. No one can unknowingly, with a click of the button, sign away their civil rights. That's not how this works. This legally frivolous countersuit can only mean one thing: the State is trying to use its power to scare our clients out of court.

And in California, it's illegal to sue someone for exercising their right to sue the government. It's called a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (or SLAPP suit). That's why we're filing a special motion to strike the countersuit under California's anti-SLAPP law. It's called an anti-SLAPP motion, and it protects the rights of Cedar's family.

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