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Cultivating a Career in Animal Law Virtual Series

We get so many wonderful emails and mesages from students, lawyers, and other professionals asking for guidance in starting a career in animal law. 📭🐾 That’s why we’re launching a new virtual series, Cultivating a Career in Animal Law!

Our first event in this series will take place Tuesday, November 16 at 12 pm PST ✏️🗓 We are absolutely thrilled to kick off our virtual series with Matthew Strugar and Justin Goodman, moderated by ALA’s co-founder and co-director, Vanessa Shakib. To reserve your spot, email 📨

🎯 A constitutional law litigator and public-transparency expert, Matthew spearheads litigation against dangerous ag-gag laws, challenges state and federal actors withholding public documents re animal abuse, and defends animal activists wrongfully sued for exercising their First Amendment rights. Matthew founded the Law Office of Matthew Strugar, where he combines animal law with a broader civil rights practice.

🎯 Celebrated federal lobbyist and American Association of Political Consultants 40 Under 40 Award Winner, Justin has led high-profile, winning campaigns to expose and end wasteful and cruel experiments on animals for over 15 years. Justin is Vice President of Advocacy and Public Policy at White Coat Waste Project, where his work is regularly featured in major media outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Washington Post, The Hill, and more.

🎯 Vanessa is an expert in animal law, government accountability, and illegal business practices. She co-founded and co-directs Advancing Law for Animals, a non-profit law firm for our non-human friends. There, she develops impact litigation to further the interests of animals exploited in research and industrial food production. Vanessa regularly presents talks as an invited expert in animal law both nationally and abroad.


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