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#NoLabGag in California!

Thanks to your support, California is lab-gag free! The lab-gag bill would have exempted researchers at California state universities from complying with California Public Records Act requests ("CPRA"). That means these researchers would be able to work using taxpayer funds--but have no accountability to taxpayers.

This is dangerous, as the CPRA is used by animal advocates, public-interest groups, and journalists to uncover a wide array of misconduct--from the the mistreatment of animals in laboratories, to improper corporate influence, to sexual harassment, and more.

That's why Advancing Law for Animals joined an incredible coalition of animal advocacy organizations to formally oppose AB 700, and launched a petition asking Member Friedman to withdraw this dangerous legislation.

Thanks to ALA supporters for signing and sharing our petition, our opposition was heard! Member Friedman announced that she would no longer be advancing AB 700!


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