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Take Action: UCLA, don't Bruin their lives!

UCLA experiments on dogs, on your dime. Existing California law requires taxpayer-funded research facilities -- like UCLA -- to adopt out dogs at the conclusion of their use. But records obtained by Advancing Law for Animals show that, to date, UCLA hasn't adopted out any dogs from its laboratory.

Since 2015, UCLA has confined at least 30 dogs in its laboratory, and many for painful experiments. Tell UCLA to stop Bruining lives, and adopt out dogs from its laboratory. Advancing Law for Animals will assist in adoptions of any animal.

Take Action! 🗣️ Sign and share the petition, available here.

Adopting out cats and dogs from California taxpayer-funded universities isn't just compassionate--it's the law. Want to stay updated with the latest from Advancing Law for Animals? Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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