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Victory! Cockfighting Crackdown! 🐓

Monterey County, California is a hot bed for illegal cockfighting--but the County was refusing to enforce its anti-cockfighting law. So we sued them.

According to our lawsuit, filed on behalf of Humane Farming Association (HFA) and SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), failing to enforce anti-cockfighting laws perpetuates animal cruelty, the spread of disease, and deprives taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue from fees assessed on violators.

In response to our lawsuit, we forced the County to crackdown on cockfighting, including:

  • Hire additional Animal Control Officers to address rooster cruelty

  • Form an enforcement, investigation, and prosecution task force with the District Attorney, Sheriff, and others

  • Train law enforcement in cockfighting investigation and prosecution

  • Track and investigate illegal operators provided by SHARK and HFA, and provide updates to Advancing Law for Animals

  • Provide Advancing Law for Animals with updates on rooster cruelty prosecutions

  • Hire an office assistant to support rooster cruelty investigations

  • Meet with Advancing Law for Animals regarding additional SHARK and HFA investigations

  • Investigate measures to strengthen local anti-cockfighting law

  • Publish an education video on compliance with the law

  • Support forensic veterinarian training

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