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Welcome, Hana!

Big welcome to our summer law clerk, Hana Nabulsi! While Hana earned a Bachelor of Science in Neuropsychology and began her career in non-profit medical research, her one true passion has always been animal welfare.

From a very early age, Hana did everything she could to help animals in need, from returning worms to the dirt, to rehabilitating a chipmunk that fell into a fountain, to pulling over to help a turtle cross the road. Hana has felt passionate about advocating for factory farmed animals since learning about the meat industry and becoming vegetarian at age 12. That passion grew stronger in 2019 when she went vegan and became more involved in the animal welfare community, volunteering for advocacy organizations and working as a foster coordinator for cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs in need.

Given Hana's tremendous passion, she unsurprisingly pivoted her career to focus on animal welfare. After learning about the growing field of animal law, Hana knew this path was her calling. Hana is now entering her second year at University of Illinois Chicago School of Law. In her spare time, Hana can be found riding her motorcycle, taking copious amounts of pictures of her cats and guinea pig, or baking crazy amounts of vegan desserts. We look forward to working with Hana this summer!


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